Alex Sosnowski: Senior Meteorologist, AccuWeather, KCRW Contributor

Alex Sosnowski

Alex Sosnowski is an accomplished meteorologist and weather broadcaster with over 25 years of experience forecasting and reporting on weather events across the United States. He currently serves as Senior Meteorologist for AccuWeather and contributes weather analysis to NPR affiliate KCRW in Los Angeles. Sosnowski has built his reputation as an expert communicator making complex forecasting understandable and accessible for broad audiences.

Alex Sosnowski Educational Background

Alex Sosnowski’s passion for meteorology began at an early age growing up in the Midwest, where volatile severe weather often held his interest. He went on to study meteorology and climatology at Purdue University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Sosnowski later obtained a Master of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences from Creighton University, where his studies focused on forecasting and communications.

During his academic training, Sosnowski gained hands-on experience interning with local TV stations, the National Weather Service, and Purdue University’s Department of Aviation Technology. These opportunities allowed him to apply classroom concepts in real-world weather observation, analysis, and broadcasting settings.

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Alex Sosnowski
Alex Sosnowski

Career Beginnings in Broadcast Meteorology

Upon finishing his master’s degree in 1992, Alex Sosnowski immediately jumped into on-air broadcasting as a Weekend Meteorologist for CBS affiliate KOLN/KGIN-TV in Lincoln, Nebraska. Early in his TV career, Sosnowski also worked at stations in North Carolina and Indiana.

In 1995, Sosnowski took on his first major market role as Morning Meteorologist for NBC5 Chicago. During his five years at the station, he covered major weather events like the 1999 Chicago tornado outbreak. Sosnowski built his profile as an authoritative voice reporting on Midwest weather.

Sosnowski gained further prominence as Chief Meteorologist for NBC Weather Plus national cable/satellite network in the mid-2000s. He appeared on air delivering forecasts and weather news to a wide viewership across the U.S.

Joining AccuWeather and Expanding National Presence

In 2007, Alex Sosnowski was hired by AccuWeather as an on-camera meteorologist. Based in Wichita, Kansas, he provided weather reports for media outlets nationwide needing localized forecasts. Sosnowski also created engaging weather explainers for AccuWeather’s YouTube channel.

Sosnowski rose to become Senior Meteorologist and Long-Range Forecasting Expert at AccuWeather. He frequently appears on national cable news networks like MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX Business sharing weather insights for major stories. Sosnowski authors detailed analyses on developing weather situations for AccuWeather’s website.

In addition to his broadcast work, Sosnowski writes weekly weather columns syndicated to newspapers across North America through AccuWeather. He also does charitable work raising money for weather safety education in underserved communities.

KCRW Contributor and On-Air Expertise

Since 2015, Alex Sosnowski has expanded his broadcasting role as an on-air contributor at NPR affiliate KCRW-FM in Los Angeles. He provides daily weather updates for KCRW’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” programs. For major weather events, Sosnowski offers in-depth explanations and historical context for listeners.

Sosnowski’s KCRW segments demonstrate his ability to communicate complex meteorological concepts in clear, engaging ways understandable to general audiences. He frequently discusses broader issues like climate change patterns and El Nino/La Nina cycles. Sosnowski forges a personal connection with KCRW listeners, enhancing their understanding of the weather.

In 2021, Sosnowski took over as host of KCRW’s weekly “Life Examined” podcast, offering philosophical perspectives on current events and ideas. He applies his curiosity and critical thinking skills developed through meteorology to examine broader aspects of the human experience.

Notable Career Achievements

Throughout his accomplished career, Alex Sosnowski has earned many accolades recognizing his meteorology expertise and communication talents:

  • Certified Consulting Meteorologist – American Meteorological Society
  • AMS Seal of Approval – both TV and radio
  • 3 Emmy awards for outstanding weather broadcasting
  • Named one of the top 10 weather communicators in the U.S. – The Weather Channel

Sosnowski has delivered forecasts and reporting on essentially all major weather events over the past 20+ years. He provided in-depth coverage of historic storms like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. During tornado and hurricane outbreaks, his emergency communication keeps communities safe.

In addition to his public weather communication work, Sosnowski does private consulting and legal work for entities impacted by weather events. He serves as an expert witness in court cases and advises companies on managing weather risks.

What’s Next

Alex Sosnowski continues to have a busy and influential career in meteorology today. At AccuWeather, he takes on high-profile forecasting assignments while also mentoring younger on-camera meteorologists. His unique ability to analyze both the scientific and human sides of weather helps audiences better understand events unfolding around them.

On KCRW, Sosnowski provides a valued public service, enhancing Los Angelenos’ understanding of their notoriously unpredictable weather and climate. His recent role as a podcast host allows him to exercise different creative and intellectual muscles.

Without question, Alex Sosnowski has earned his reputation as one of the most trusted and engaging weather broadcasters in the U.S. today. His passion for making forecasting understandable shines through all his work. For both professional meteorologists and general weather enthusiasts alike, Sosnowski stands out as a master communicator bringing people together around a shared interest in the skies.

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