How to Apply for a Free Tablet from the Government?

How to Apply for a Free Tablet from the Government

Understand how to apply for free tablet programs from government agencies like the FCC and nonprofits. Learn eligibility requirements, find local partners, submit applications, supply documentation, and get tips to improve your chances of approval.

Access to technology is more important than ever in today’s digital world. However, for many low-income families and individuals, devices like tablets remain financially out of reach. Thankfully, there are government programs that provide free tablets to those in need who meet certain eligibility criteria.

This guide will outline the top government tablet programs, eligibility requirements, how to find enrollment partners in your area, the application process, and tips to increase your chances of approval. With some effort, you may be able to get a free tablet to help access education, jobs, and more.

Why Do Government Programs Offer Free Tablets?

How to Apply for a Free Tablet from the Government
How to Apply for a Free Tablet from the Government

The government offers free tablets through various assistance programs aimed at bridging the digital divide. Reasons these technology subsidies exist include:

  • To assist low-income households with accessing the Internet and digital services
  • To provide educational resources and development opportunities for underserved youth
  • To make searching and applying for jobs easier for unemployed individuals
  • To enable telehealth access for seniors and those without healthcare
  • To increase digital equity and opportunity for communities on the wrong side of the digital divide

Subsidized tablets help fulfill the government’s goal of making technology and internet access more inclusive. Taking advantage of these programs can make a real difference.

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for government tablet programs center around demonstrating financial need through:

  • Low-income threshold – Household income below 135-150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Government assistance – Currently receiving SNAP, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, etc.
  • School lunch program – Child enrolled in the National School Lunch Program
  • Senior assistance – Receiving SSI or other low-income senior assistance

Age may also be a factor, with certain programs focused on school-age children, college students, seniors, veterans, and more.

Eligibility is typically verified through tax returns, pay stubs, benefit statements, school enrollment, and other documentation.

Top Government Agencies Offering Free Tablets

Major government departments and initiatives that provide free tablet programs include:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

  • Emergency Broadband Benefit – Subsidizes monthly internet costs and devices like tablets for low-income households. Up to $50 off monthly bills and one tablet per household.
  • Affordable Connectivity Program – Long-term replacement for Emergency Broadband Benefit. $30/month off internet plus one tablet per household.


  • Partners with internet providers and nonprofits to offer low-cost connected devices and internet to those in need.
  • Eligibility for tablets is based on ID verification and qualifying government assistance programs or income levels.


  • Donates refurbished computers and tablets to individuals needing access to healthcare, employment, education, and more.
  • Submit a request form explaining your need and eligibility criteria like income, household size, and employment status.

Department of Education

  • TEACH Grant – Teachers studying in high-need fields can receive educational grants to pay for devices like tablets. Converts to loan if service requirements are not met.

State and Local Governments

  • State broadband offices – Some states offer device and connectivity subsidies for residents through special low-cost programs.
  • Library tablet lending – Local libraries often lend internet-enabled tablets for free with a library card. Time limits apply.
  • Community technology centers – Some nonprofits and cities operate centers providing free computer and tablet access and digital skills training.

Finding Current Tablet Program Partners

The most reliable way to find tablet program enrollment partners in your area is to use the EveryoneOn directory tool. Simply enter your zip code to see all nearby participating providers, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies offering subsidized tablets and internet.

EveryoneOn aggregates updated listings of all Connected Device Partners in a given location. Partners include regional arms of programs like the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program and Human-I-T, along with local providers.

This makes the directory an invaluable resource for discovering current tablet eligibility programs near you.

Application Process Overview

Applying for a free tablet will vary somewhat depending on the specific program and partner, but generally involves:

  • Determining eligibility – Research requirements for income, benefits, etc. to confirm you qualify.
  • Finding a participating provider – Use the EveryoneOn directory to find local participating organizations.
  • Gathering documentation – Have ID, income statements, benefits letters, and anything else proving eligibility ready.
  • Completing application – Fill out the program’s application form fully and accurately to show the need.
  • Submitting documentation – Supply all required income statements, ID documents, and other paperwork requested.
  • Waiting for approval – Applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. Wait to hear back on the decision.
  • Claiming tablet – If approved, follow the provided steps to claim the free tablet or voucher from the partner organization.

While not guaranteed, submitting accurate, complete applications with all documentation maximizes your chances of getting approved.

Tips to Improve Your Chances

Tips to Improve Your Chances
Tips to Improve Your Chances

Here are some tips to help get your free tablet application approved:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements clearly – Have documentation like tax returns, pay stubs, and benefit letters ready.
  • Choose in-person partners when possible – They can help ensure applications are done properly.
  • Call partners to check status – Don’t be afraid to politely follow up on the status of your application.
  • Apply early – Programs often have limited tablet stocks and funding that run out.
  • Explain your needs clearly – Share details on how the tablet will specifically help in your essay responses.
  • Check multiple programs – Leverage the EveryoneOn directory to find all possible options in your area. Cast a wide net.
  • Follow up if denied – Politely ask for details on the denial reason and if you can reapply after addressing any issues.

With some persistence and preparation, you can increase your odds of securing a free tablet.

Using Your Free Tablet Effectively

Once you’ve succeeded in getting approved for and claiming a free tablet through a government program, be sure to make the most of it:

  • Use it for school or work opens up new opportunities to advance your education or career.
  • Take advantage of telehealth services, job searching, e-learning platforms, and other digital services.
  • Install useful productivity apps like Microsoft Office for documents, email, and more.
  • Protect your tablet with protective cases plus security software and features.
  • Learn the basics of using and maintaining your tablet to get comfortable with the technology.
  • Access digital literacy resources like online tutorials for how to become tech-proficient.

A subsidized tablet can open gateways to connectivity, productivity, education, and economic advancement. Be sure to utilize it as an empowering tool.

Final Words

Although devices like tablets may seem prohibitively expensive, government assistance programs exist to help put technology in the hands of underserved groups. By determining eligibility, finding local participating providers, submitting accurate applications, and following up diligently, you may succeed in getting approved for a free tablet.

Make use of helpful resources like the EveryoneOn directory to locate tablet program partners in your community. A subsidized tablet, when utilized effectively, can be a valuable tool for empowerment. If you meet the eligibility criteria, make the effort to apply and see if you can get a free tablet from the government. It could make a big difference in accessing life-changing digital opportunities.

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