Ilikecomox: Your One-Stop Destination for Digital Needs and Coastal Bliss

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Tucked between lush rainforest and the Salish Sea on Vancouver Island’s east coast, the charming small city of Ilikecomox has emerged as a premier digital nomad destination. With its idyllic seaside setting, small-town warmth, and modern conveniences, Comox offers the perfect blend of peaceful nature and digital connectivity. provides the ultimate resource for remote workers and visitors alike to thrive in this hidden gem.

Why Choose Comox for Remote Work?


Scenic Nature as an Office

With snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches, whistling breezes through forests, and crashing ocean waves, Comox’s diverse natural beauty makes work feel like play. The ability to take breaks hiking, kayaking, or sitting on the seawall fuels creativity.

Local Charm

Comox has a quaint small-town feel with friendly locals, trendy cafes, Thursday night markets, and a thriving arts scene. Enjoy mountain-to-sea views without big city congestion.

Modern Conveniences

Despite its remote location, Comox offers all the conveniences needed for work and life including fast internet and cell service, coworking spaces, gyms, shops, restaurants, an airport, and great healthcare.

Vancouver Accessibility

For city cravings, Vancouver is just a quick flight or scenic ferry ride away. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Resources on Ilikecomox

Accommodation Listings

Find the perfect rental cottage, apartment, or house for short and long stays with all the needed amenities.

Coworking Spaces

Check out the top-rated coworking and private offices to work in the community or focus solo.

Activity Guide

Discover the best hiking trails, beaches, water sports, yoga studios, golf courses, and more for enjoying your free time.

Food and Drink Catalog

Peruse mouthwatering restaurants, coffee shops, local pubs, and artisan food shops to fuel up.

Events Calendar

Stay up-to-date on summer festivals, music events, fitness classes, art shows, and other happenings.

Digital Nomad Community Forum

Connect with fellow remote workers to explore the area together or get insider tips.

The Allure of Comox Life

Slower Pace and Local Community

Comox offers a breath of fresh air from the urban rush. Locals take time to connect. Join a hiking group, chat with baristas, or play trivia at the brewery to find your niche.

Outdoor Adventure Playground

With endless trails, year-round golf, kite surfing, secluded beaches, and mountain panoramas, Comox is a natural wonderland for active lifestyles. Pause work for a kayak or bike ride without the crowds.

Arts and Culture Scene

From First Nations art exhibitions to live local music and eclectic shops, creativity flourishes in Comox. Enjoy craft fairs, poetry readings, watercolor classes, and more.

Seafood and Local Produce Bounty

As an island fishing town surrounded by farms, the seafood, meats, cheeses, and produce in Comox are sublime. Foodies will be in heaven. Hit the Thursday farmer’s market.

Vancouver Island Exploring

Weekend adventures abound—go whale watching in Campbell River, have a spa day in Tofino, visit wineries in Nanaimo, or relax in mountain cabins around Strathcona Park.

Make Your Comox Remote Experience Unforgettable


With tempting natural beauty, modern conveniences, and small-town hospitality, Comox has all the elements for an idyllic workstation. gives you total access to this hidden Vancouver Island gem. Discover paradise, digitally.

Getting Set Up Remotely in Comox

Finding the Right Place to Stay

Comox offers diverse accommodation options for remote workers. Consider your ideal work environment – do you need a separate office space or just a laptop-friendly area? Proximity to cafes and coworking spaces? Achitecture2012 has a great post comparing the top short and long-term rentals in Comox for remote worker needs.

Transportation Logistics

Comox’s small size makes walking or biking around town easy. For exploring farther, having a vehicle is recommended. Review car rental options or connect with locals on ride-sharing in the Ilikecomox community forum. The central downtown location minimizes commute times.

Work and Productivity Tools

While Comox has solid internet connectivity, also comes prepared with your remote work essentials like portable monitors, noise-canceling headphones, standing desks, and any other gear to optimize productivity. Portable hotspots provide backup internet access if needed.

Fostering Work/Life Balance

Amidst Comox’s beauty, it’s tempting to overindulge in hikes, beach trips, and other activities. Create a schedule that intersperses focused work blocks with rejuvenating outdoor time for balance. Apps like Freedom can help limit distractions.

Building Community Connections

Avoid isolation and tap into the local community by joining groups aligned to your interests like sports leagues, photography clubs, or volunteer organizations. Coworking spaces and startup incubators also facilitate connections.

With some preparation, Comox’s picturesque setting can be your productive remote office while also nourishing your soul. Follow tips from Ilikecomox to make your workstation dreams come true on the island coast.

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