Understanding Spectrum 855-707-7328 – Who It Is and If You Should Answer

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Spectrum 855-707-7328

Have you received a call from the mysterious 855-707-7328 number? If so, you’re probably wondering who is calling and if you should answer or avoid this unfamiliar caller ID. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down key details about 855-707-7328 to help you make an informed decision about handling these calls.

What is 855-707-7328?

  • The 855-707-7328 number is associated with Credit One Bank or Charter Services 855-707-7328 number, which is a major credit card issuer.
  • It is registered as a toll-free number that customers can call for account support. But Credit One also uses it for outbound calls.
  • When you see 855-707-7328 show up on your caller ID, it typically means Credit One Bank is trying to contact you.

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Why is Credit One Bank Calling?

Credit One Bank may be trying to reach you for various reasons, including:

  • Fraud alerts and account security issues
  • Payment reminders and collection notices
  • Responses to applications or inquiries
  • Promotional offers for new Credit One credit cards
  • Customer service follow-ups
  • General telemarketing and sales

Any customer-related matter regarding your Credit One account could prompt calls from 855-707-7328.

Should You Answer 855-707-7328?

  • If you’re an existing Credit One customer, it’s generally wise to answer 855-707-7328 when they call. It could be time-sensitive account security or payment issues you need to address. Opt out of marketing calls if desired.
  • If you’re not a Credit One customer, use caution with 855-707-7328. It could be sales calls pitching credit cards. Feel free to ignore and block the number if you get repeated calls.
  • If you don’t recognize the number at all, let unknown 855-707-7328 calls go to voicemail first. Hearing a Credit One message can confirm it’s not a scam call before picking up.
  • Overall, listen to your gut reaction. If something feels sketchy about the cadence or timing of 855-707-7328 calls, proceed with appropriate skepticism.

What Type of Call is 855-707-7328?

Spectrum 855-707-7328 uses an automated dialer for high-volume outbound calls. But it’s not technically considered a robocall. Some key things to note:

  • Calls will be answered by live agents if you pick up – no pre-recorded robocalls.
  • The number is tied to a legitimate business (Credit One Bank) rather than scammers.
  • You have customer relationships giving consent to contact you.
  • The calls usually quickly identify themselves as Credit One Bank.

So while annoying at times, calls from 855-707-7328 generally fall within telemarketing guidelines and regulations versus illegal spam robocalls.

How to Block 855-707-7328

If bothersome 855-707-7328 calls from Credit One Bank persist, you do have options to block the number:

  • List 855-707-7328 as a blocked contact in your smartphone.
  • Ask your phone carrier to block the number at the network level.
  • Use call screening apps to automatically divert 855-707-7328 to voicemail.
  • Register your number on the National Do Not Call Registry to opt out of sales calls.
  • Request to be added to Credit One’s internal Do Not Call list.

Stopping unwanted 855-707-7328 calls takes some effort but using a combination of these techniques can help significantly reduce interruptions.

Is 855-707-7328 a Telemarketer, Scammer, or Robocaller?

855-707-7328 is not a typical robocaller, scammer, or illegal telemarketing number. However, here are a few important disclaimers:

  • Credit One does use aggressive sales tactics, which some customers consider abusive.
  • Their call agents sometimes use questionable practices verging on misrepresentation.
  • Unpaid collection calls can feel threatening.
  • Scammers can spoof legitimate numbers like 855-707-7328 to appear credible.

So even though 855-707-7328 belongs to a real financial institution, their calls could still reflect unethical behavior in some instances. Hang up if you sense illegal scamming activity.

Final Answer

To recap, the main things to remember about 855-707-7328 are:

  • It’s associated with Credit One Bank collections and promotions.
  • If you’re a customer, it’s reasonable to answer regarding account issues.
  • If you don’t have accounts, be cautious and feel free to ignore them.
  • Block the number if you get repeated unwanted calls.
  • Use discretion based on your circumstances and caller vibe.

Hopefully, this provides helpful context so you can make informed choices about handling calls from the ambiguous 855-707-7328 number going forward. With vigilance, you can take control of unwanted contacts.

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