To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoiler Novel: Complete Story Overview

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To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoiler Novel

“To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoiler” is a Korean web novel that has captivated readers with its story of revenge, romance, and redemption. For those looking for spoilers to understand the complete story before diving in, this article will provide an in-depth synopsis covering the main plot, characters, and endings.

Overview of To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoiler

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The novel follows Helena, a duke’s daughter who was murdered by her stepsister and stepmother in her previous life. After being reincarnated, Helena returns to take revenge on those who destroyed her by scheming to become an Empress candidate.

However, her plans are complicated when she reunites with her enemy, the Crown Prince. To fully enact her vengeance, Helena must fight against lingering feelings from her past life while navigating deadly royal intrigues.

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Detailed Summary of To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoilers

Below is a full summary revealing the main plot points and story arcs of Those Who Long For My Destruction:

Helena’s Previous Life & Murder

  • In her first life, Helena was the Duke of Riker’s beloved daughter. However, the Duke remarried marchioness Fiona who was jealous of Helena’s status.
  • Fiona and her daughter, Elizabeth, bully and ostracize Helena. Then on Helena’s 18th birthday, they poison and kill her.

Helena’s Rebirth & Early Life

  • Helena is reborn as the daughter of a count after her wrongful murder. She remembers her past life vividly.
  • Helena trains herself in etiquette, politics, economics, and more from a young age to prepare for revenge.

Selection as Imperial Consort Candidate

  • Helena ingratiates herself to the Emperor to become a candidate to be the Crown Prince’s consort.
  • She plans to gain power and status this way to enact her revenge.

Reunion with the Crown Prince

  • Helena discovers the Crown Prince is her enemy, Lionel. In her past life, Lionel had loved Helena but didn’t protect her from Fiona.
  • Helena purposefully keeps her distance from Lionel despite lingering affection.

Taking Down Her Stepsister

  • Helena arranges for evidence of Elizabeth’s scandals and plots to be exposed, getting her expelled from selection.
  • Publicly, Helena acts kindly but privately she ruthlessly enjoys Elizabeth’s downfall.

Outsmarting Her Stepmother

  • Helena manipulates situations so Fiona appears to be conspiring to kill the Emperor.
  • As punishment, Fiona is executed painfully while Helena pretends to grieve.

Becoming the Crown Princess

  • Through her wit and charm, Helena wins over the Emperor and is selected to marry Lionel and become Crown Princess.
  • She is satisfied her plans for revenge have been successful so far.

Lionel’s Suspicions

  • Lionel has vague memories of knowing Helena before. He starts to investigate Helena’s ulterior motives.
  • Helena tries to keep her past life hidden while throwing Lionel off the trail.

Marriage to Lionel

  • Despite her misgivings, Helena finds herself falling in love again with Lionel as his Consort.
  • Lionel remains suspicious but also gets closer to Helena.

Helena’s Life Endangered

  • The Emperor and Lionel discover Helena’s full origins and desire for revenge.
  • Feeling betrayed, they prepare to execute her. Helena is in despair that her plans failed.

Lionel’s Protection

  • At the last moment, Lionel intervenes to stop Helena’s execution.
  • He proclaims his enduring love for her regardless of her past and vengeful deeds.

Exile from the Palace

  • Lionel’s pleas spare Helena’s life but they are exiled from the palace in disgrace.
  • However, being with Lionel gives Helena the happiness she had long been missing.

Living in Seclusion

  • Helena and Lionel live simply away from the royal capital and political schemes.
  • Their love deepens and Helena lets go of her resentment from her past life.

Birth of a Child

  • Helena becomes pregnant with Lionel’s child and gives birth to a healthy daughter.
  • She feels genuine joy and love for the first time in her new life.

Multiple Endings

The novel contains a few potential endings for Helena:

Tragic Ending

  • Helena is executed for her vengeful lies and deception. She dies full of regret.

Bittersweet Ending

  • Helena’s secrets are exposed but her life is spared. She lives alone in exile away from Lionel.

Happy Ending

  • Helena finds true redemption through Lionel’s love. She starts a new peaceful life with him.

Major Characters

  • Helena – The protagonist who is reincarnated and seeking revenge on those who killed her in her past life.
  • Lionel – The Crown Prince whom Helena is torn between loving and hating for not protecting her before.
  • Fiona – Helena’s evil stepmother who murdered her in cahoots with Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth – Helena’s scheming stepsister who helped Fiona kill her.

Final Thoughts on the To Those Who Long For My Destruction Spoiler

The complete spoilers guide above covers the major plot points, characters, endings, and story arcs in the web novel To Those Who Long For My Destruction. Helena’s multidimensional character makes her an intriguing antiheroine as she wavers between morally gray vengeance and her deep affection for Lionel.

Fans of complex villainess leads will find Helena’s journey to be an emotional rollercoaster. Whether she achieves total revenge or redemptive love depends on the ending. For those intrigued enough by the spoilers to read the full story, the novel provides a fresh villainess perspective combining palace intrigue, dark romance, and redemption.

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