Top 5 Surprises That Rocked WWE Raw S31E19

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WWE Raw S31E19

WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw is known for its shocking moments and surprises that keep fans on the edge of their seats. The April 29, 2022 episode of Raw, titled “Raw S31E19,” was no exception. With major returns, debuts, and other unexpected twists, it was one of the most eventful Raws in recent memory.

This post will recap the top 5 biggest surprises that rocked Raw S31E19 and made it a must-see show for any WWE fan. Relive the excitement and dramatic reveals that made this Raw so memorable.

What is WWE Raw S31E19?

WWE Raw S31E19 is the 19th episode of the 31st season of the weekly professional wrestling television show “WWE Raw.” It is known for its high-energy, action-packed wrestling matches and compelling storytelling, featuring a lineup of skilled wrestlers from various backgrounds. The show has been running for over 27 years, making it one of the longest-running weekly episodic television series in history. The latest episode, S31E19, delivered intense matches, unexpected twists, and compelling storylines, leaving fans eager for more.

1. Cody Rhodes Returns to WWE

Cody Rhodes
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In the opening segment of Raw S31E19, the familiar strains of “Kingdom” suddenly filled the arena. To the crowd’s shock and delight, former AEW star Cody Rhodes walked out to make his WWE return!

Rhodes had been away from WWE for 6 years, becoming a main event talent for rival promotions. His homecoming was kept an absolute secret by WWE, making it a monumental surprise. In an emotional promo, Rhodes explained he returned to honor his father, the late Dusty Rhodes, and continue the family legacy in WWE.

The huge reaction from fans solidified Rhodes as a beloved babyface. His comeback added major star power to Raw and signaled a new era in his career. This surprise immediately made Raw S31E19 an unmissable TV.

2. Veer Mahaan Finally Debuts on Main Roster

Veer Mahaan
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For months, WWE had been airing mysterious vignettes hyping the arrival of new monster heel Veer Mahaan. But each week, Mahaan failed to show up, becoming an inside joke among fans. That changed on Raw S31E19 when Mahaan finally made his main roster debut.

After another Veer “coming up next” teaser, Mahaan’s music hit and the powerhouse wrestler marched to the ring. Mahaan destroyed a local competitor in a dominant showcase. WWE played up the anticipation of the long-delayed debut, making Veer’s arrival a hilarious and satisfying payoff.

3. The Miz Turns on Logan Paul

WWE had been teaming social media celebrity Logan Paul with veteran Miz in recent months. But betrayals run deep in WWE. After losing a tag match on Raw S31E19, tensions boiled over and The Miz shockingly attacked his partner.

Brutally, Miz beat down Paul and slammed his head repeatedly against the turnbuckle. This violent split capped off weeks of dissension between the duo. It seems The Miz’s jealousy and ego could no longer be contained.

The explosive turn kickstarted a hot new rivalry between the former partners. Miz’s vicious assault also cemented him as one of WWE’s top heel acts.

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4. Alexa Bliss Returns with Disturbing New Persona

Alexa Bliss

Since late 2021, Alexa Bliss had been off WWE programming, her psyche shattered from encounters with the supernatural Fiend character. But Bliss resurfaced on Raw S31E19 with a dark new twist.

In unsettling vignettes, Bliss is shown in a corrupted childlike state, hosting a devilish playtime with her doll Lilly. It appeared the Fiend had infected Bliss’ mind, leading her back down a twisted path.

Bliss’ disturbed return added a horror element back to WWE programming. Fans were shocked at her altered creepy persona, a stark transformation from the sweet Bliss of old. The psychological layers make this version of Bliss one of WWE’s most complex characters.

5. The Usos Become Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions

In Raw’s main event, Jimmy and Jey Uso defeated RK-Bro to unify the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. This win cemented The Usos as the undisputed kings of the tag division.

The unpredictable title change occurred after Roman Reigns interfered to help his cousins. The chaotic finish brought all of WWE’s top stables – The Bloodline, RK-Bro, and The Street Profits – into conflict.

Crowning The Usos with all the tag gold adds further dominance to Reigns’ Bloodline faction. The Usos can now lay claim as the greatest tag team in WWE today. Their underhanded win capped off an eventful new episode of Raw.

Why Raw S31E19 Delivered Big Surprises

Several factors came together to make Raw S31E19 an especially shocking and monumental show:

  • Major pay-per-view upcoming – With WrestleMania Backlash on the horizon, WWE loaded up Raw to build momentum. Big surprises help hook fans to buy upcoming PPVs.
  • New call-ups – NXT stars getting called up to the main roster, like Veer Mahaan, always brings fresh excitement. Their debuts are protected as surprise moments.
  • Returns – Bringing back popular talents like Cody Rhodes makes for great TV. WWE timed his return perfectly after leaving AEW.
  • Edgier product – With TV-14 content, WWE has more freedom for edgy characters like Alexa Bliss’ dark new persona.
  • Unpredictability – Fans have come to expect the unexpected on today’s WWE programming. Twists like The Miz’s violent betrayal continue raising the shock factor.

Fallout and Lasting Impacts

The surprises that went down on Raw S31E19 were more than just one-off moments. They figure to have significant impacts on ongoing WWE storylines and the careers of those involved.

With Cody Rhodes, his return kicks off a new chapter as a top babyface. Fans are already speculating on potential dream matches, like Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Rhodes adds credibility and star power to Monday nights.

Alexa Bliss’ disturbing transformation creates a hot new act fans are intrigued to learn more about. Her unhinged personality opens the door to fresh feuds as she looks to climb back into title contention.

The Miz’s split from Logan Paul launches an intensely personal rivalry, with Paul seeking revenge on his former friend. Their inevitable match will attract crossover appeal from Paul’s fanbase.

For The Usos, holding all the gold cements their legacy. They could embark on a dominant run facing challengers across both Raw and SmackDown.

Veer Mahaan gets a chance to make an impact after his delayed arrival. His imposing presence fills a gap for a monster heel-wrecking opponent.

Continuing Must-See WWE Action

WWE did not rest on their surprises from Raw S31E19, continuing to deliver bombshell moments that have kept fans glued to the TV:

  • Returns – Sasha Banks came back after months away to reignite her rivalry with Bianca Belair and Naomi jumped ship from SmackDown.
  • Shocks – Becky Lynch suddenly turned heel again, attacking beloved star Asuka.
  • Injuries – Cody Rhodes suffered a torn pectoral tendon, sidelining him indefinitely after his hot return.
  • Suspensions – Controversy rocks WWE with Roman Reigns’ cousins, The Usos, getting arrested and suspended.
  • Surprise champions – Underdog Liv Morgan cashed in MITB to improbably beat Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

The nonstop news coming out of WWE ensures fans always have reasons to tune in. With Summerslam approaching, even more twists likely await shortly.

Reliving an Unforgettable Raw

WWE Raw S31E19 will go down as an all-time shocking episode thanks to its massive surprises. Cody Rhodes’ return, Alexa Bliss’ transformation, The Miz’s violent betrayal, Veer Mahaan’s arrival, and The Usos becoming Undisputed Tag Champs made it three hours of unbelievable chaos.

Moments like these are why fans have been engrossed in WWE programming for decades. One never knows what enormous surprises are awaiting each week. Every show promises must-see excitement that brings the WWE Universe together.

For those who missed it, Raw S31E19 is worth going back and watching to appreciate all the epic bombshells that went down. It exemplified everything fun, dramatic, and addicting about following WWE. Tune in each week, because one never knows when the next surprise legend return or shocking title change could rock WWE!

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