How Much Does 800-966-6546 Charge?

Finance 800-966-6546 Charge

If you’ve ever called’s customer service line at 800-966-6546, you may be wondering – how much does it cost to speak with a representative? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the pricing, fees, and charges associated with contacting customer service so you know exactly what to expect.

Overview of’s 800 Number

The 800-966-6546 number is’s dedicated customer service and support line. It’s available 24/7 to assist with any issues related to your online Walmart orders and account.

When you call, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable representative who can help with:

  • Order status and tracking
  • Returns and refunds
  • Payment and billing questions
  • Account profile and login issues
  • Shopping and delivery questions
  • General customer support

Keep reading to learn about the different charges associated with this customer service number.

Is 800-966-6546 a Toll-Free Number?

Yes, 800-966-6546 is a toll-free customer support number, which means calls to this line are free of charge.

Walmart does not charge any fees for contacting their customer service team by phone. You can call as often as needed to get help with your orders without worrying about incurring tolls or per-minute charges.

The 800-966-6546 number is free to call from both landlines and mobile phones within the United States. International call rates may apply if contacting from outside the US.

What About Any Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden fees associated with calling’s 800 customer service line. Your call will be completely free.

Unlike some toll-free numbers that connect you with third-party companies, the 800-966-6546 number goes directly to Walmart’s in-house customer service team. Walmart does not charge connection fees, per-call fees or pass on any other hidden costs.

You can call as frequently as needed without incurring extra charges on your phone bill. What you see is what you get – just free customer support.

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Hidden Fees
Hidden Fees

Can I Call 800-966-6546 from Any Phone?

Yes, you can call’s customer service line from both mobile phones and landlines free of charge.

On a mobile phone, checking your phone plan’s minutes or data usage can ensure calling this toll-free number doesn’t deduct from your monthly allotment. Most providers now have unlimited plans, but it’s worth verifying.

On a landline, unlimited nationwide calling is standard on most home phone plans. Calling 800-966-6546 won’t cost extra or use up calling minutes.

No matter what phone you use, you can access’s customer support line without incurring any fees.

What If I’m Calling from Outside the US?

If you are contacting’s 800 customer service number from outside the United States, international tolls will apply.

Unfortunately, the 800-966-6546 number is toll-free only within the US. Calling from another country means regular international dialing rates will be charged based on your phone plan.

Before calling from abroad, check with your mobile provider or phone carrier to understand what fees will apply. Calling from a landline internationally often incurs higher per-minute tolls.

Using an internet calling service like Skype could help minimize international call charges when contacting customer support from outside the US.

Are There Any Fees to Contact By Chat or Email?

If you prefer contacting’s customer service by chat or email, this is also free of charge.

Using the live chat function on or sending customer support emails does not incur any fees or costs. These options are provided as complimentary customer service channels.

Connecting with an agent by chat allows you to get real-time support without phone call charges. Sending an email creates a record of your inquiry.

Like the 800 number, Walmart’s chat and email customer service options are completely free to use as needed.

What About Returns and Restocking Fees?

When returning orders by mail, you are responsible for covering postage costs. Walmart provides free return shipping labels for convenience.

If an ordered item is not eligible for free returns, Walmart may deduct return shipping fees from your refund amount. Restocking fees may also apply for some items.

These return-related costs are disclosed at checkout and on your packing slip. Walmart’s standard policy is free returns within 90 days, but some product categories have different guidelines.

Outside of return shipping and restocking costs in some cases, Walmart does not charge any other fees for exchanges, refunds, or cancellations. Calling customer service about returns is free.

Are There Fees for Rescheduling Deliveries?

If you need to reschedule a grocery or home delivery order, there are no fees or penalties as long as you provide notice by the evening before delivery.

However, canceling with less than 24 hours’ notice can result in a $10 fee. For grocery deliveries, orders canceled with less than 2 hours’ notice may be subject to a $35 cancellation charge.

As long as you provide sufficient notice per Walmart’s policy, you can reschedule deliveries as needed for free. Simply call the toll-free customer service line as early as possible.

In Summary: Calling is Always Free

To recap – contacting’s customer support line at 800-966-6546 is completely free, no matter how often you call or what type of phone you use.

Walmart’s toll-free number presents a direct right of entry to customer service dealers without incurring any hidden expenses or lengthy distance charges. You can get assistance with shop orders, online shopping, deliveries, returns, payments, and preferred questions.

Connecting via live chat or email is also free and provides written records of your interactions. Outside of return shipping costs for mailed returns in some cases, Walmart does not charge fees for customer service.

So call’s 800 number anytime you need support, without worrying about the cost! Their representatives are available 24/7 to provide free assistance with your orders and services.

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